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To increasing traffic to our website and make them buy

Getting Traffic Tips #1

Forums is an onlines discussions places.
in the forums, people with certain interests will ask and answer, give suggestions with share messages and informations.
In the forum, we can conference with hundreds or thousand peoples

So, how a forums can give affiliate marketing efforts to us?
We can promote a product / service that we sell in forum, a large part forums permit us to make signature file, that is as additions in our name, and our website link or affiliate links

Getting Traffic Tips #2

Web Contents
Visitor go to a site usually to look for informations, they want to find facts, answers, messages and also products.
so , if our web rich of information , more often we give informations to them , more often they will visit to our website.
May be they just only look a moment but they can bookmark our sites and can return again.

Web Contents can be :

  1. Article
    Review or product recommendation, tips informatif and descriptive, story, article “how-to”, suggestion and message.
  2. Picture
    Diagram, tables, illustrations, softwares box-shots, graphic and clipart.
  3. Photos
    Photo products, slide shows, screen saver, celebrity photos , etc
  4. Free e-book
    We can offer e-book to visitors and can be download freely.
  5. Site map
    Site map is links collections in our sites.
    Site map make search engine robot's and also visitors make easy to crawling our site.

Getting Traffic Tips #3

Advertisement : Ezine
We can advertise at ezine (electronic magazine) or emails newsletter. we can buy spaces for advertising found in ezine's another person propertys.

There are many owners of ezine or newsletter that sell spaces for advertising for us .
The prices is variety, depend on ezine's owner.
if our topics appropriate with targets market , we can fastly make direct sales.

Advertisement : Banner
Although banner is too many used in onlines promotions, but sometimes can make some traffic not so expensive. a banner is like a billboard onlines.

Advertisement : PPC
Pay Per Click is The way to make some advertising in search engine, We pay to every click on our advertising.

The cost is depend on how much we "bidding" the keyword, to one click the costs between several sen or until several dollar or more, depend on competition to keyword certain.

Keyword here is words or phrase words, that we typings in search box at google, yahoo and other search engine.

Getting Traffic Tips #4

We can increasing traffic with politly in search engine, so they will send free traffic to our sites.
For further information you can read our section about SEO

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