Affiliate marketing is the way to make money in the internet.
This business will pay somebody only if they success to selling product/service a merchant or affiliate merchant.

Merchant or affiliate merchant is a person or company that has product/service that they offering in the internet.

Meanwhile, a person doesn't have product/service to sold, can help affiliate merchant to sell their product. To every product that sold, they will get commission.

The persons that make money with manner is mentioned is called affiliate marketers or affiliate, sometimes they also called associates or program partners.

Affiliate Marketing Provides Security.  When you go into business for yourself, there is always a certain amount of risk.  You invest time and money into developing your product and service.  Additionally, you spend time and money developing a marketing plan.  Sometimes in small business ownership, the risk doesn't pay off and all of the time and money invested is lost. Fortunately, the risks associated with affiliate marketing are next to none.