One of they key contributors to website success is your search engine ranking. Your search engine ranking is where your website shows up when someone, using Google, MSN, Yahoo, or any number of search engines, searches for your type of products or services. Search engines find your website with programs which scan the World Wide Web and seek keywords, links and other information.

There are many aspects of SEO or search engine optimization. Among the biggest contributors to a high page ranking are:

On Page Optimization :

  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Optimizing your content for those keywords
  • Optimizing your site for the keywords

Off Page Optimization :

  • Linking Strategy

Keywords are the heart and soul of search engine optimization. Without the right keywords, potential customers won't be able to find you online. However, the right keywords will enable you to dominate your competition.

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3 tips to search engine find your site :

SEO Tips #1

Make sure your web pages are coded correctly

  • Title Tag.
    If you view your source code, your title tag will look something like this:
    <TITLE>Search Engine Optimization Tips</TITLE>
  • Meta Tag.
    In your source do they look something like this:
    <META NAME="description">
  • Keyword Tag .
    In your source do they look something like this:
    <META NAME="keyword">

SEO Tips #2

Keyword strategy

Include your keyword in your headings, subheadings and in the first paragraph of your text.

SEO Tips #3

Update, update, update.

Add new content to your website frequently. Search engines look for new content when determining website rank. If you're continually adding new, keyword optimized, content, the search engines will recognize this and respond favorably.

SEO Tips #4

Linking Strategy

Here are several ways you can encourage links to your website:

  • Testimonials and review sites often provide links to your website.
  • Online directories. While there are many directories that charge for a listing, there are also several that will list your company's site for free
  • Write articles for other sites. Writing articles is a great method for getting inbound links and most webmasters are happy to give you a link back to your site.
  • E-books. Embedding a link in your e-book is a great way to expose people to your site because if you offer an e-book with valuable content, people will distribute it to friends and family and you can distribute your e-book yourself via other sites like other free content.
  • Write press releases and submit those releases places. Be sure to include your website link at the end of the press release, and if possible, include it at the beginning too.
  • Write a Blog. If you are writing a blog that is hosted on an external blogging network, rather than hosted yourself, any links from your blog back to your site will be seen as valuable by search engines. You can also include links back to each of your web pages and allow your readers to reprint your blog posts as long as they keep the links in place.