RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it easy for you to add content to your website and for you to distribute content to others.

There are a whole host of benefits of gaining a basic understanding of RSS. And really, to use it, you only need the right tools and to understand it a little, you can use this free RSS Scraper Tool to make an RSS feed from your HTML pages. The instructions are pretty straightforward and you wil can create a feed in minutes.

RSS Tips #1

Search engines are able to read RSS feeds.
so, iIf you want search engines to be able to follow the links to your website and this can be very beneficial to you in getting your pages indexed and in terms of link reputation.

RSS Tips #2

you can easily display the content from other websites to provide even more fresh information to your visitors, because someone can display your content on their website.
You can use this RSS Syndicator to easily add other people's RSS feeds to your website.