A press release is a newsworthy story about your business that you submit to various media likes newspapers, radio, television, magazines, etc.
If they are interested in your story, they may just interview you or run your press release in their publication.

Press Release Tips #1

Send out a press release every time something new is happening with your website and business, but do make sure it's newsworthy.

  1. The Launch of your Website
    What is unique about your site? What are the benefits to your visitors?
  2. Adding New Services & Products
    Make sure to focus on the benefits and why your target audience would be interested in the new services and products.
  3. Events
    Announce your special events like public speaking engagements, open houses, seminars, a fair you are arranging, etc.
  4. Fundraisers & Donations
    If you are running a fundraiser or making a considerable donation (ex. 5% of your sales for the month of September), write a press release about it.
  5. Major Awards & Accomplishments
    If you've been given a prestigious award, write a press release about it.


Press Release Tips #2

Write a Press Release That Will Get Noticed

  1. Use an attention grabbing headline
  2. Use the first paragraph to answer all the important questions like who, what, where, when, why & how.
  3. This story is for your readers
    (the editor/reporter and ultimately, their audience) tell them why it would interest them
  4. Avoid the hype. Don't use big words and adjectives.
  5. Focus on benefits: What problems do you solve for your customers or website visitors?