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Basic tools to starting affiliate marketing is :


We need 1 unit Computer with good internet connection.


We need some software tools :

  • Anti Virus
    Don't ever try to surf without this Software
  • Adware Killer
    adware and scumware can produce many problems than a virus, anti virus software cannot detect this Adware
  • Email program
    Ussually called email client, we can work offline with this tools, like outlook express, eudora, microsoft outlook, et.
  • HTML Editor
    We can use Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver for this tools
  • FTP Program
    FTP is use for connect and uploading our data from PC to hosting server
  • Word Processor
    We need this software to make articles, like microsoft word.

Time and Comitment

Especially for a beginners, we necessary times to study affiliate marketing. more times to study affiliate marketing, more fast we understand this business.

How much times that we want to spend every day to study this business, 2 hours or 3 hours or more per day, when we decide affiliate marketing is our principal business or although we decide affiliate marketing is our side business, We must arrange time as good as we can do.

Afffilate Marketing

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