A Website, must be unique, interesting, professional looking, easy to navigate, quick to load and rich of contents.

Some factors to consider (match with topic) :

  • Choose the right colors
  • Choose the right layout
  • Choose the right theme
  • Good Navigation Structure
  • Great Content
  • Load Quickly
  • No broken link

To make website you can using Microsoft frontpage or Dreamweaver.

Website design Tips #1

Making your web site and web graphic images easy to read
Produce HTML text, background images, and the text in graphic images with the highest possible contrast. The highest color contrast comes from using the 2 colors black and white, or other.

Website design Tips #2

Text Link
The link colors in your text should be familiar to your visitor, and should be unique. They should not look the same as any other text in your web pages,
Like larger font size, boldfaced, italic font, or combination of these.

Website design Tips #3

it is best to design the majority of your site in a serif or sans-serif typeface. If you have a decorative or cursive font in your logo and wish to use the typeface in your web site design, it is best to use it in (a) graphic images and (b) to use it in a larger type size.
Sometimes, sans-serif typefaces are more legible than serif typefaces when the character size is small.

Website design Tips #4

Graphics images
Graphic images add uniqueness, color, and personality to a web site. Most web sites we see use web graphics (buttons) as a navigation scheme.
Graphic images have visual appeal. Peoples' eyes are naturally drawn to a splash of color and a change in dimension.

Website design Tips #5

Drop-down Menus - Javascript, CGI, etc
The main advantage of drop-down menus is web page real estate. Drop-down menus don't take up as much screen space as multiple graphic images.

Website design Tips #6

GIFs and JPEGs image difference

When selecting GIF or JPEG for your graphics conversion, it is important to consider the type of image you will be working with. Use a GIF format if your graphic consists primarily of line art or flat colors without gradients. JPEG-converted graphics are best for photographs or images with fine tonal variations in colors, such as images with gradients or metallic images. Choosing the right file format is not only important for the quality, but for keeping your image's file size to a minimum.

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF's advantages is that it is supported by practically all web browsers, can include transparent backgrounds, supports interlacing (providing a low-resolution preview of the graphic to the viewer while it downloads), and can be used as an image map (allowing the viewer to click on the graphic as they would a regular link to another site).
The disadvantages
are that it can only support 8-bit color (or a palette no greater than 256 colors). It may also handle dithering poorly, which is the result of pixels in a graphic that try to mix themselves up to emulate different colors. Photographs saved as GIFs can also lose their detail and a wide range of values.

JPEG is short for Joint Photographers Experts Group. JPEG is superior in rendering color and detail found in photographs or graphics using blends, gradients, and other tonal variations. It also provides for greater compression options (Low, Medium, High, and Maximum) allowing the the artist the perfect balance between quality and file size.
The disadvantages
of JPEG files are that they cannot be saved in index-color mode, meaning that many people who view the images with 8-color monitors may experience unusual dithering patterns. JPEG files also do not allow for transparent backgrounds, so you are stuck with either leaving the background of the image the same color as the background of your page, or having to settle for a border around your image.

You can design it by yourself or hire someone else.
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