Fins PCB is a home industry that made PCB for low volume manufacturing, if you need for prototype for small Quantity ( <500 pcs), you can order to us.
Our Offers :

  1. No Negative Film
  2. No Minimal order
  3. No Charge for lay out Setting
  4. Min track width 6mil, min clearance 10mil
  5. Minimal Dimension 5 x 5 cm ( 25cm2)
  6. Single/double Layer
  7. Solder mask and silkscreen
  8. Compatible with :

    Software Compatible



    PCB Designer


    File Compatible
    Ms Visio
    Corel Draw
    PDF file
    (Adobe acrobat)
    Jpg File
    Gerber File

  9. Silver Coating.
  10. Via Link.

We can finish your order for 5 - 6 business days.
And we have Fast Package for 1-2 days for Low Qty (<50pcs, without solder mask, silkscreen and via link), but for the cost is double for this package .

Just send email to : or with attachment file.
we will reply for confirmation about the price soon,
or Ph. +62 31 70764283 HP. +62 081 23200142