If you interested in designing custom-made items through finsdesign.com may not necessarily be experienced designers, or well versed in graphics software.
There were quite a few non-technically inclined users - absolute beginners, to say the least with vector art software packages. They were able to produce some very unique and personalized products.

So, if you're keen to create and design, here is a brief guide to the basics of graphic software that you'll need to draw up your designs. While this is by no means a completely comprehensive guide, it's a good start. we have included links to some other more substantial and detailed reviews of the standard graphics software out there.

Vector Program. What is it?

Software program that allows you to draw and edit technical drawings, generating EPS files which is particularly important for finsdesign users as EPS files are needed to use the system.

Where can you find them?

There are industry standard shrink-wrapped graphics suites you purchase with all sorts of bells and whistles to free, open-source programs you can find online.

Now, as we mentioned for your use with finsdesign.com , you'll be able to use any vector program (packaged, online, licensed or open-source) that can generate an EPS file to upload onto our platform. The following is a list of some of the more popular vector editor programs that we're familiar with:

CorelDRAW : CNet's review gave CorelDraw Graphics Suite 3X an 8 out of 10, with the bottom line being: "a powerful and feature-rich bundle appropriate for home, business, and professional graphics".

Adobe Illustrator : The review on this industry standard is that it's the top of the line graphics program. Check About.com's Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Basics and Tools for a list of free online tutorials to help users.

Macromedia FreeHand/Adobe FreeHand MX : As of May 2007, Adobe is no longer continuing development for FreeHand. But for those who continue to use or have access to Freehand, user resources for tutorials, downloads, tips and help can be found here at About.com .

Inkscape : A free Linux based vector program was given 5 out of 5 and "Excellent" from Softpedia.com's review .

Q-Cad: A multiplatform 2D CAD program that can be downloaded from download.com

Xara Xtreme : From About.com :

Xara Xtreme is a top-notch graphics tool, no matter what your level of graphics experience. With its amazing speed, small size, reasonable system requirements, moderate price, and powerful feature set, it's hard to go wrong with Xara Xtreme. Although it's currently only for Windows, Xara has announced plans to make Xtreme open source and to develop Macintosh and Linux versions.

Clipart Vector Graphics :

If you search banks of clipart vector , you can find it in Vectorart.com