is Graphics Design Applications website,
We have 3 core business :

  1. PCB ( Printed Circuit Board )
    PCB is include to Graphics Design Application because we are produce PCB manufacture with special process.
    Our process is direct print to surface board with corel draw program, we convert electronic design software ( protel, orcad, etc ) to .pdf file, and import them to Corel draw, and then we arrange to make optimal design in 1 size A4.
    (.pdf file is must use adobe acrobat writer software. )
  2. Sticker Printing
    We make a lot of graphics Design Application, start from image editing, retouching, tracing until output process to printing and sticker cutting.
    Sticker Cutting is your solution for promotion your business, Most of our customers use them to send out with every order.
  3. Affiliate Marketing Tips
    We also internet marketer, so we share some tips for beginner of affiliate marketing to make your first $

For further information you can contact us :

email :
Ph. +62 31 70764283
HP. +62 81 23200142

Perum. Graha Sampurna Indah W-3
Surabaya 60228
East Java - Indonesia